COVID Safety Protocol

UPDATE: July 2022

Masks are currently optional.

• We ask you to keep any students home (and to alert us right away) if they exhibit infectious disease symptoms, including those that cause Covid 19. Contact the office to alert BTC to any potential exposure and for class materials while absent.

• When recovering from Covid, students with no symptoms are welcome to return to BTC after 5 days, with a negative test. Anyone recovering from Covid must wear a mask until Day 10.

• Vaccinated students who test negative while living with a positive family member may attend class wearing a mask if the family member has been isolating from them, and the student also shows a negative test. Please provide proof of vaccination to the BTC office. CDC recommends that unvaccinated people with a positive close contact quarantine for 5 days before testing.

We have extra masks on hand for students who forget one, or to replace ill-fitting or soiled masks.

BTC reserves the right to update these protocols, including requiring all students to wear masks, as circumstances dictate.