COVID Safety Protocol

UPDATE: April 2022

For all those exposed, CDC suggests the best practice includes a test for SARS-CoV-2 at day five after exposure. If exposed, we ask students and staff to refrain from coming to BTC until they can test properly.

• If symptoms occur or you test positive: we ask all students and staff to take precautions through day 5, regardless of vaccination status. The CDC site suggests people should not attend extra-curricular activities to prevent others from possibly getting COVID-19 for 5 days, even if the person is wearing a mask. Contact the office to alert BTC to any potential exposure and for class materials while absent.

• After exposure, students with no symptoms who have not tested positive are welcome to return to BTC after 5 days, with a negative test. For unvaccinated students, the test must be a PCR. For vaccinated students, an at-home/rapid test is acceptable.

• Students living with a positive family member may return after 5 days past initial exposure if the family member has been isolating from them, and the student also shows a negative test. For unvaccinated students, the test must be a PCR. For vaccinated students, an at-home/rapid test is acceptable.

We recommend students come to class in N95, KN95, KF94, or 3-ply surgical masks. We have extra masks on hand for students who forget one, or to replace ill-fitting or soiled masks.

School Year 2021-2022 Covid Protocols

Our in-person classes will be held outdoors in nice weather OR inside one of our spacious Studios with air purifiers and doors/windows open to maintain air flow, with distance between all students and instructors.

We ask you to keep any students home (and to alert us right away) if they exhibit symptoms, if any family members are showing symptoms, or if they have been in contact with anyone unwell.

Students are encouraged to arrive 5 minutes early, to allow time for the new check-in procedures. All students will be given a contactless temperature check upon arrival. Students with a temperature greater than 100 will not be permitted to attend class in person. Parents will pick up and drop off their children outside of the building. Parents are asked to make an appointment in advance if they need to speak to the office staff in person. Most business can be handled via email and phone, and most physical items can be dropped off for us in our mailbox.

Spaces will be cleaned daily. High touch surfaces will be disinfected between uses.

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are available for use. Students will be asked to sanitize hands and equipment at the beginning and end of class.

Students in the dance program should arrive dressed in uniform with a bag for their dance shoes.

All Students should bring their own marked water bottle full of water.

Masks are required in common areas. Masks are required in class for grade groupings that include unvaccinated students. Structured mask breaks may be taken during select socially distanced exercises and water breaks while outdoors. Registered Adult Enrichment program participants showing proof of vaccination may remove masks for their classes when no K-12th grade students are in the building. All parents with appointments for the office are required to wear a mask.

BTC reserves the right to update these protocols, including requiring all students to wear masks, as circumstances dictate.